Reseller FAQ

1.  How to become a Reseller or Agent:

A. Click on 'Become a Reseller' link and fill the application.
B. Once your application is received and approved, you will be notified then you are ready to place orders

2. How to place an Order as a Reseller:

A. Once Approved, click on 'LOGIN/Place Order'
B. Once logged in you have a special menu and LINK that says 'PLACE ORDER'.
C. Click on the link 'PLACE ORDER', and you will ahve access to our catalog available for resellers.
D. Simply click BUY or Add to cart then checkout to actively place your order.
E. Place your order as normal, and each order we received from you as logged in to your account, you will receive the agreed incentive between YOU as the Reseller/Agent and AhlaiTV

If you like to place a drop/ship order, during checkout you must submit the billing, shipping and payment information for your customer, this way our order department will fill your order properly and ship it directly to your customer.

* If you like to place an order to be shipped to YOU the Reseller, please submit your OWN billing, shipping and payment information, this way our order department will fill your order and ship it directly to you the Reseller.

* Whether you will drop ship or not to your client, your client must come back and Register his/her box in order to validate his/her warranty, by clicking 'Register your box' under the Register menu Tab. Optionally you can do that yourself if you have your client's email address and Box ID.

3. Any other Question please contact us:

1. (310) 807-1092 (USA) 2. 02 9007 2481 (Australia) 3. (514) 667-3814 (Canada)
Or sending an e-mail to sales@ahlatv.com

AhlaTV Team.