Frequently Asked Questions

What is AhlaiTV?
AhlaiTV is the premier online Arabic TV network, streaming 100's of popular live Arabic TV channels, Arabic videos, including news, entertainment, music and sports channels; and a wide variety of popular on-demand Arabic TV content, including well known entertainment programs, top Ramadan shows and series, movies, music-clips and more. You can enjoy this great content on your PC through www.AhlaTV.com or straight to your TV with the AhlaiTV TV Box.
What is included in the AhlaITV kit?
AhlaITV receiver, Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, composite A/V cable, power adapter, remote control, and Easy Set Up guide.

What are the requirements for AhlaITV receiver?
High speed internet access with 1Mbps or higher speed. A TV with composite or S-Video input support. Ability to connect the AhlaITV receiver in wired or wireless manner with the internet router/ hub.

Is there a subscription fee for using AhlaITV receiver?
No, there is no subscription to use AhlaITV receiver.

What Analog TV Standard is supported by AhlaITV receiver?
AhlaITV supports all Analog TV Standards provided that they are supported by the TV being used. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE ANALOG TV STANDARD UNLESS CONFIRMED OR AFTER YOU CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM. For the USA & Canada customers, use NTSC.

How can I change the TV display resolution & size using AhlaITV receiver?
Make sure the Video aspect ratio is set to "Normal (4:3)" on your TV.

How to RESET your AhlaITV receiver?
i.  Power cycle the AhlaiTV receiver by “Pressing the Reset button” on the Set Top Box using a paper clip for 20 seconds or “Disconnect the power adapter” input and reconnect after 10 seconds.
ii. Immediately after the box starts reboot, PRESS AND HOLD DOWN THE “RESET” BUTTON for about 30 seconds.
iii. The screen “System Diagnostics” appears.
iv. To reset the AhlaiTV STB:
       a.      Select the option “Full factory default” then press the “ok” button on you remote.
       b.      A message will show on your screen “Full restore is in progress”.
       c.       Wait until after it is “Ready”, press the “OK” key on your remote to restart the box

What types of TV does AhlaITV receiver support?
Any High Definition TV with HDMI and any Standard Definition TV that supports composite (1 video + 2 audio) and S video inputs.

Will AhlaITV receiver replace my cable box?
No. The AhlaITV receiver supplements the cable or dish STB and expands the consumers’ reach to millions of videos on the Internet for greater enjoyment.

What quality should I expect from AhlaITV receiver?
The quality depends on the internet source. Best quality can be seen on the channels which are being broadcast at 700 to 1200 kbps.

Do you have a browser?
Yes, all AhlaITV receivers have a browser.

What video resolution does the AhlaITV receiver support?
AhlaITV receiver HD supports 480p, 720p, 720i, 1080p (only GF-9000) and 1080i (only GF-9000).

What are the supported audio outputs?
All AhlaITV receiver support the RCA audio output(stereo). It also supports audio through HDMI. The AhlaTV also support SPDIF.

How much network bandwidth is required for proper operation of AhlaITV receiver?
At least 1 Mbps connection is required from your internet service provider.

How do I determine my Internet connection speed?
Click the Settings menu on the Home page of the user interface. Select the Network Speed Test from the menu and follow the directions. Or go to Support and IPTV tools at www.Ahlatv.com.

I have a high speed DSL or cable modem that connects to my computer via USB. How can I add AhlaITV receiver to this setup?
The AhlaITV receiver requires a wired Ethernet connection to work. If you have a modem which only gives you one USB and one Ethernet connection, you will also need a router. The router lets you connect multiple devices to your Internet connection with ease.

Do I need a router, and which one?
A router is needed when you want to connect more then one device (PC and AhlaITV receiver) to your internet connection. Router will connect between your modem and AhlaITV receiver or PC. Most routers these days are wireless type. This means you can place AhlaITV receiver in a different room from where your router is and connect wireless to your network. How do I connect the AhlaITV receiver to the Internet? You could connect the AhlaITV receiver in one of two ways. Wired or wireless. For wired connection, connect your included Ethernet cable to a free port on the router. For wireless, connect the AhlaITV receiver wirelessly to your router and follow the instructions or on the on screen menu select Settings-> Network-> then run the Wireless Wizard.

What wireless security modes are supported?
WEP , WPA and WPA2.

How do I power cycle the AhlaITV receiver?
You could power cycle the AhlaITV receiver by pressing the Power button on the remote or you could disconnect the power adapter input and reconnect after few seconds.

Why do the AhlaITV receiver have two or more USB connectors?
USB connectors may be used for connecting external USB storage devices like a Flash drive or a hard drives.

Does the AhlaITV receiver have an internal hard drive for storage?
No. You could however connect an external USB hard drive through the USB 2.0 port at the rear of the AhlaITV receiver.

How many TVs can I connect to a AhlaITV receiver?
One AhlaITV receiver per TV.

How do I change the size of the video playback window?
Use the Functions on your TV remote to increase or decrease the video playback window size.

How do I download and save a movie?
AhlaITV receiver has no storage of its own, so when the download feature available, simply connect a USB flash drive or a FAT32 formatted USB external hard drive to either of the USB ports at the back of AhlaITV receiver.

What if I cannot see the AhlaITV receiver user interface after I connect the AhlaITV receiver?
Make sure that the TV input is set to the port where the AhlaITV receiver video cable or HDMI (HD) is connected. Also for the HD AhlaITV receiver make sure that during set up, the HDMI cable was connected before the power cable.

What do i do if i need help
You can call our call center:
1. (310) 807-1092 (USA)
2. 02 9007 2481 (Australia)
3. (514) 667-3814 (Canada)
4. Or email us at: support@ahlatv.com